New Mission Out!

Mission 7, Clockwork Repairs, is now out! I must say.. I needed help on this mission and maybe later today I will have a video on the mission to help you through it! Anyway.. Here is a review of what you do in the mission…

  • You are trying to fix the Club Penguin Clock so that CP Will be up and running again.

  • The Evil Polar Bear and his Sidekick Crab have stolen 3 peices to the clock; the spring, target, and gear.

  • You’re trying to find these pieces so that the clock will be back to normal.

  • There is a yellow puffle that you play the piano to so that it will re-make the gear that you need by giving him a bucket [green bucket located at the beach] full of the best snow in Club Penguin [Best snow is in the Snow Forts] You need to get a poster from ‘Rookie’ so that the puffle knows what it is shaping. Then after he has made it you need to harden the gear with the test machine in the HQ

  • Also there the gear is frozen and in the water near the iceberg. You must use one of G’s inventions, the Electrotron 3000 [I believe that is what the name of it is] to make the spring come to you so that you can get it out of the water. To get the Electrotron 3000 you must use unlock it. The code to unlock it is “KEY” To defrost it/get it out of the ice, you must go back to the HQ and use the test machine.

  • To get the target back you must go to the dock where a few “Blue Team” snow baller’s are using it as target practice for their next competition against the “Red Team”. They need trust that you aren’t going to just steal it, so you must hit the target three times to get it from them. Once you have gotten the target you need to replace it so they can continue practicing. You go back to the HQ and get the Life Saver and give it to them so that they can use it.

  • Once you have finished getting all the pieces you go back to the Snow Forts and go behind the Clock. Then Put all the pieces back into the tower.

  • TADA! You are now done. Well you do get a call from the Polar Bear on your Spy Phone and then “G” Congratulates you.

Hope this helps,



2 Responses to “New Mission Out!”

  1. 1 Graser103
    April 23, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    yo can i be on your blogroll thanks



  2. April 25, 2008 at 3:18 pm


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